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Wonder Woman 1984

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Wonder Woman comes into conflict with the Soviet Union during the Cold War in the 1980s and finds a formidable foe by the name of the Cheetah. Wonder Woman 1984 that takes place in,that’s right 1984 yes you could just you,can tell by the song no no no no no so,Pedro Pascal who he’s had quite a year,quite a few episodes anyway one is he’s,the bad guy he looks like the baddie and,he has a rock that grants wishes what I,get from the movie anyway and it looks,like Wonder Woman brings Steve Trevor,back play the truth I don’t I don’t,exactly know how he’s back I know he’s,rocking that fanny pack not everyone can,do that that’s important but if I’m,going by what the movies telling me,apparently think about finally having,everything you always wanted and now,he’s back so I imagine it’s because of,that Kristen Wiig as cheetah I still,don’t know I was a little skeptical at,first and I know Kristen Wiig has acting,chops but when she’s cast as cheetah you,can’t help but be like so they’re going,a little comedic with this one so many,times yeah all the time,at first it kind of comes across as this,Selina Kyle and Batman Returns format at,first he’s a little awkward then boom,Jesus head turning bombshell that that,guy clearly wants to leave his wife for,and one brief scene a dialogue with,Diana just isn’t enough to gauge it,really I still don’t know how they’re,doing cheetah,personality-wise for even if cheetah is,gonna be the half human half cheetah,cheetah or is she gonna be human and,dressed up in an outfit and be really,good at acrobatics but I’m glad that,they’re bringing back that fun element,of the first Wonder Woman that I really,love and that’s Diana was a fish out of,water she was in a new land she didn’t,know how things worked and they brought,that back only it’s Steve Trevor he’s in,a new land he’s like Oh what suddenly is,1984 Steve Rogers he adapted pretty,quickly he just punched a bag to death,Steve Trevor’s like that’s art she’s,like now it’s a trash can so the roles,are reversed I like that I like that,fish outta water thing and had fun with,it in the first Wonder Woman I have,faith that they can make it work like as,part of the plot I don’t want to walk,away like hangover 2 going as kind of,the same thing it’s the first movie only,not as good but it’s good to see father,and daughter working together that’s,what I see here I mean that’s that that,is straight-up Zeus helping her right at,the end I thought she I was like is she,and is that Hawkgirl then I was like,wait a minute that’s not Hawkgirl that’s,I have to enunciate Hawke because,because I’m always like Hawkgirl and it,sounds like I’m saying hot girl which I,also mean but for the sake of this Huck,girl and I thought that’s what that was,I was like wait wait no no that that’s,still Wonder Woman all right right,Kingdom Come that’s where I saw that,armor myself I mean it’s been in other,things but I know it from Kingdom Come,first graphic novel I have a read that,shit sticks with it so look I dig this,Wonder Woman 1984 movie I like the,vibe I like the song for now gal gadot,returning as Wonder Woman Steve Trevor,rocking that fanny pack and paid you a,Pascale getting his rock on that’s,enough for me so sweet teaser movie,that’s what you need for a teaser,movie right so the teaser movie.


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