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Trauma Center

Duration: 87 min


IMDb: 4.6

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Lt. Wakes is a vengeful police detective determined to solve the murders of his partner and an informant, and joins forces with a witness injured during the shootings. After the killers pursue the witness across the abandoned floor of a hospital, she confirms Wakes’s worst fears.
Trauma Center is not quite interested in its story. Nicky Whelan’s character is struck by a stray bullet when two crooked cops (played by Texas Battle and Tito Ortiz) gun down another cop to pay up their dirty deeds. However, the round that struck her is inserted in her leg, and because the ballistics will identify our terrible twosome, they must locate her in the hospital and regain the bullet. It is a bit silly, especially if you stop and think about the rest of the evidence they should have left in the scene, however, it’s an action movie, so check your mind at the door.

Where it gets more than just a bit dicey is in the inclusion of Bruce Willis, obligatory good cop. Despite exploring two deaths and allegedly protecting Whelan (the only witness to a few of those murders), he hardly exists in the movie. That is not completely a bad thing, given the condition of his acting. I have not been following the man’s career arc or something like this, but viewing his performance made me think he didn’t wish to be there. He provides lines devoid of emotion and, in a few cases, appeared to speak over other actor’s lines. It nearly verges into accidentally comedic heights of faux-dramatic, but he isn’t present enough for that happen. Point is the guy on the poster is all but a non-entity, therefore if he’s still riding your goodwill from Die Hard, don’t get too excited.
It’s mostly cat and mouse via isolated parts of the darkened, noisy clinic, with the usual tropes that follow package. Whelan stumbles about bleeding to get a little until Ortiz and Battle bumble into her. They menace her for a while until she flows, and the cycle repeats until it pulls into a merciful, predictable close.
Trauma Center as a whole, is a very by-the-numbers activity thriller, so it is hard to rip to it for being dull. What I would like to point out, though, is the subplot with Whelan’s younger sister. She ends up at the exact same hospital prior to the plot takes off proper, then the movie just sort of forgets about her until it is time to needlessly raise the stakes. There was an attempt to learn more about the fractured relationship between the sisters to give the picture a bit more depth, but it never seems to matter. Everyone in this movie, regardless of their acting ability, is more akin to props being moved around, just connecting plot points as someone has to. There’s no audience investment; also, the action is surprisingly tame for this era.
What you’re left with are the bare bones of a very simple story performed on screen by celebrities of some note and one screen legend that all know better than to provide the thin script more than it deserves. While far from engaging or exciting, Trauma Center is fairly inoffensive as far as action movies go, but that does not mean it is worth your money or time.


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