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Top Gun: Maverick

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Set in the world of drone technology and fifth generation fighters, this sequel will explore the end of the era of dogfighting.the first Movie for Top Gun maverick,is a subdued yet heavily nostalgic trip,that leaves fans in the 1986 film,remembering that loving feeling the,movies chocked full of familiar,imagery and callbacks to the original,Top Gun but it also makes the point that,maverick himself,aka fighter ace Pete Mitchell is an,anachronism a dinosaur whose time has,passed even if he himself can’t seem to,move on or evolve edy Harris appears in,the movie as a senior naval officer,proving that maverick is cursed to,forever run afoul of grizzled bald,authority figures son your ego is,writing checks your body can’t cash,Harris’s character isn’t the only,familiar element in the movie man’s,still flying well below the flight deck,over the desert taking off from aircraft,carriers still a Top Gun but now as an,instructor he’s still even rocking his,aviator sunglasses and bomber jacket he,still has a motorcycle which he rides,without his helmet and chases after jets,taking off he still broods on the flight,deck of an aircraft carrier staring,wistfully out of the ocean and yes he,still loves playing with the boys,you know beefcake volleyball matches you,can see that he keeps a photo of his,late copilot and bestie goose in his,locker but there are hints of what’s new,in his life MAV appears to be testing,out some new form of aircraft at one,point it’s a decidedly futuristic,looking moment in a movie basking in a,nostalgic sunny glow we get our first,look at jon Hamm’s character who appears,to be the new hard-ass in charge at the,Top Gun program if his bearing is any,indication here’s Jennifer Connelly his,Mavs love interest we’re not sure if,she’s supposed to be Charlie who was,played by Kelly McGinnis in the original,film or if she’s an entirely new,character and here’s a quick glimpse of,miles teller as the son of goose and,like his late dad he loves playing the,piano and carousing with his fellow Top,Gun students five bucks says he’s,singing great balls of fire here he,looks decidedly less happy a few moments,later but it wouldn’t be a group of,alphas without at least one blowout it,should be noted that this top gun class,is a far more diversified group than the,team in the 86 film as we see there are,female pilots in their ranks now such as,Phoenix here,this funeral sequence is certainly,curious we can tell from the wings that,a pilot has died but is it again like,the original film a fellow Top Gun,student whose death may have feels,responsible for or could it perhaps be,the funeral for Iceman we know Val,Kilmer is back for the sequel and MAV,losing his rival turn you can be my,wingman anytime would be yet another,sign that as ed Harris’s character tells,him the kindness headed for extinction,we’re not sure if MAV and the team are,on a combat mission here in this snowy,region or if this is just a training,exercise but Tom Cruise revealed at,Comic Con that all of the flying in the,movie is real and that the film is meant,as a love letter to aviation and as you,can see from this movie Top Gun,maverick is also a love letter to the,original film calling back to many of,its most iconic shots and beats even as,it sets a rather somber tone for this,high-flying rogue hey maverick if you,will who appears trapped in the past how,or if MAV can find his place in the,modern world as an answer we’ll get when,Top Gun maverick opens in June of 2020,for more movie coverage check out our,breakdown for the new movie for it,chapter 2 and our rundown of all these,spider-man far from home movie scenes,that didn’t make it into the movie and,as always be sure to follow and,subscribe wherever you like to watch IGN


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