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The Panti Sisters

Duration: 108 min


IMDb: 7.0

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Their father tells them that in order to receive their very massive inheritances, they need to stop dressing like women, behave like”men,” and offer him a grandson. Every child that completes this job will be given a share of their inheritance. If no sons do that, then they are going to get nothing. Despite those sisters being biological brothers, there’s absolutely no love lost between them due to previous drama, along with the sisters go to humorous and, at times, sad lengths to attempt to complete this undertaking.

The Panti Sisters is pushed by the fantastic performances of the three chief stars. Every one of the sisters is slightly different in the way they portray themselves, and their interactions are very entertaining. The past drama within the family is slowly explored as you get more rooted in the story, and this drama provides a rich background for a few inter-family squabbles. But thankfully, the movie is more than a straightforward money grab narrative; it explores some deeper, darker issues, albeit in a generally funny way. Sometimes it does so tactfully, and other times it is a bit too blunt in its own points. However, I was happy to realize that the movie had something below the colorful and funny surface.

However, one issue with the film is the ending. In what seems to be an effort to wrap up all of the loose ends from the movie, the ending feels too cookie-cutter for what was a uniquely fun experience. Events happen that look too convenient, and that goes against what we’ve been seeing for the entire film.

The Panti Sisters is a funny film that has plenty of important messages below its brassy skin. It is something which is so wonderfully distinct and heartfelt that it should not be missed.


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