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Rambo III

Duration: 102 min


IMDb: 5.8

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Combat has taken its toll on Rambo, but he’s finally begun to find inner peace in a monastery. When Rambo’s friend and mentor Col. Trautman asks for his help on a top-secret mission to Afghanistan, Rambo declines but must reconsider when Trautman is captured.

Most third films in a movie franchise are mediocre at best, and this is no exception. While there are a number of attempts at being considerate, of showing the plight, culture, and fighting spirit of the Afghan people, with a devotion to the Afghan people at the conclusion of Rambo III, this can be overshadowed by absurd levels of action film bombast and ridiculous clichés. For example, if we meet the wicked Soviet colonel, he is sitting in a desk with both a bottle of vodka and a chessboard, because he is Russian. The next act devolves to Rambo and Trautman, wisecracking their way through one absurd skirmish after another, to the stage where any deeper meaning or message is totally forgotten.

It’s a strange movie to watch decades following its launch as soon as the Soviet Union is long gone and so much has transpired in Afghanistan. But even with that contemporary historical baggage, the best problem with Rambo III is that it’s just a normal action movie, losing the elements that made the first two Rambo films stick out.

In RAMBO III, Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) is now living in Thailand, residing in a Buddhist monastery when earning additional money in underground martial arts brawls. Colonel Trautman (Richard Crenna), after finally tracking Rambo down, asks him to join him on a covert mission to provide weapons to the Afghan rebels fighting the Soviets. Trautman undertakes the assignment anyway, and is captured from the Soviets and held at a powerful Soviet fort. When Rambo is informed of this, he goes to Afghanistan to rescue his mentor and friend. Joined by Afghan rebels, such as a gung-ho tween boy, Rambo witnesses Soviet brutality firsthand when Soviet helicopters assault the village where he’s staying, indiscriminately killing rebels and civilians alike. Meanwhile, Trautman undergoes torture but fails to divulge the purpose of his assignment, or anything about Rambo if the Soviets discover that Rambo is in the area. Together with Trautman’s life at stake, Rambo has to find a way to infiltrate the Soviet foundation, rescue Trautman, and help remove the Soviet presence on Afghan soil.


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