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Minions: The Rise of Gru

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The continuation of the adventures of the Minions, always in search of a tyrannical leader. Did you think you were done with the,minions have you enjoyed the last five,years of this minion hiatus well your,break is over now as minions too is of,course being produced for a 2020 release,and really that makes perfect sense,did you know the minion movie is in the,top five highest grossing animated,movies of all time it was a number two,when it came out only being overthrown,by frozen at the time and three films,just last year minions are an,unstoppable beast and it might actually,be good this time around don’t get me,wrong I am as skeptical about this film,as pretty much anyone else but the more,I look into it the more I’m starting to,like it maybe I’ve just been looking at,the same yellow pixels for too long but,hear me out here welcome to Episode one,of a new on scheduled series TTT or,trending movie talks I still don’t,know if I like the talks in the name but,TTT sounds nice whatever a notable,enough movie pops up I’ll make an,informed it’ll peace about it either,straight away or on the nearest Friday,so minions to the rise of GRU had its,movie release this week for some in,the middle of the Super Bowl which isn’t,that just a wonderful gift and it turns,out there’s more to see here than you’d,think at first glance and there were,actually two movies released yet for,whatever reason there was a movie for,the movie that ended up revealing more,than the main one how’s that for bananas,I hate myself,the main movie is actually pretty,basic it’s mostly just telling the story,upfront really flashy or anything at all,so grew as a youngling is approaching,the vicious six at an interview if you,were wondering that secret record player,of evil here sounds like this when it’s,unrehearsed,just a load of crap what are you really,expecting I hope you like those minions,transitions as the squealing sounds have,already begun and you know they’re gonna,get a whole lot louder soon through acts,all nervous avoids the auditionees and,is berated by the group who consists of,the new leader a French miming lobster,hand dude a nun with nunchucks a guy,with iron fists and a punky skater man,there’s only five of them as they,apparently fired their leader wild,knuckles according to IMDB this,character by the way we don’t see in any,of the movie footage but he is set to,join up with GRU later on to assist him,spoilers if you care about that kind of,thing for the minions movie – to impress,them GRU then steals their stone thingy,and runs out this lair was disguised as,a record shop by the way it is the 1970s,they flee and we see everybody’s skills,you know it’s the classic prologue stuff,and they get away by clashing everyone,else together there’s some typical,cliche stuff going on pretty much the,whole time but like under the vehicle is,one of the main ones though actually,there’s a couple extra things to note,for one the first film was very much,oversaturated with mainstream songs to,cover any action scenes with just the,most basic entertainment for its entire,wide audience and it very much looks,like it’s gonna be the same thing,happening here also plot wise Otto the,new enlarged minion with braces gets,separated with the medallion and goes on,his own adventure presumably to die,horribly by the end of the film since he,never appears in the future films all,the creators really needed something new,to spice up the crowd again and will,shoehorn him into later films somehow,I’m gonna pause for a minute here and,swap over to the other teaser movie,for some more coverage since this main,movie then starts hopping about now,that this prologue has been set up also,if you haven’t already subscribe if,other popular movies pop up anytime,soon I’ll be covering them here and I,can tell when you’re watching this,channel and subscribe so you better do,it but before we hit that cheese our,movie directly something to note with,the first minions film is that it did,really badly review wise anyway many,critics and people on the internet hated,the film they aided minions as a whole,it makes sense if you ask me and those,Facebook means our parents shared about,didn’t exactly,help deter but one of the key issues,with that film was the fact that it felt,awfully unfocused the main characters,were just minions who didn’t know what,they were doing and simply got by on,luck it was a lot of faffing around and,GRU hadn’t been met yet,this film is different it cooled the,rise of GRU and from the looks of this,movie he’s a pretty prevalent,character obviously perhaps this film,will even try for a 50/50 split of GRU,and his minions split pathways and all,that and that is not as bad as it,could’ve been with GRU at the center,point again this isn’t so much a sequel,to the terrible minion movie it’s more,like a prequel to the despicable Me’s,and that isn’t as bad an idea at all,Despicable Me at times can actually be,considered good so its food for thought,to see how this turns out,but let’s move on to the movie teaser,movie now shall we now this one has a,lot more separated bits mashed up in all,sorts of random ways but something we do,see is the leader on her bike again,being confronted by a whole new gang and,they’re not her people as she slammed,the door on their fingers or she’s just,really rude to her own it’s a cliche,joke but it could add another layer to,the film there’s another faction against,the vicious six also they have finger,guns cuz this is e for everybody right,anyway back to the main movie the next,thing we see is GRU and the minions at,his new lair everyone’s celebrating but,how was it made the T the movies got,you covered there here’s the gang,putting everything in its place,including a portrait of Drew’s mum and,hey I think that’s Kevin Stuart and Bob,from the first movie Bob’s even got his,rat friends hey they are supposedly,characters in this film so who knows,where that one goes oh also there’s a,bomb in the lair and the rats,surprisingly not too scared of it huh,and as a final thing at the end of the,teaser is what I imagine the final,speech from GRU which is apparently a,little more boring than usual the minion,on fire in the background here could,also be the explosive one from earlier,they keep their traits throughout the,whole movie then it’d be a nice way to,spread some diversity in there I guess,but,moving on back to the official movie,I’m gonna use that as the kind of,skeleton point to push us through this,video here’s the vicious six in their,access to the garage and the vehicle,upgrades they all have a giant Lobster a,rollerblade a flying car candles and a,tank kind of fitting their personalities,and an awful lot going on at once but,hey there it is here’s more of gru,speech though we basically hear it felt,the whole movie and I assume you,probably watched it because it’s gonna,be jammed down your throat for the next,three months and I don’t quite know,about this scene he’s still underwear -,or is this just merch is he celebrating,the medallion or is he just a goofy kid,it’s probably not important but you know,it’s gonna be in all the movies we’ve,gotta see that vicious 6but and then we,come to Otto,story-wise he doesn’t have the medallion,anymore as he traded it for a pet rock,at a kid’s party,gotta make that plot from somewhere and,presumably this is gonna be the center,point of the plot that makes at least,either GRU or Otto or the trio whatever,retrieving it for most of the film oh,but if you want to see more of Otto,here’s a shot of his pearly whites,it’s from the teaser movie of course,and they’re standing in a funky small,little home it looks like this could be,Gru’s old place with his mum or at least,above the led they’re currently in from,before and we see it a couple more times,first in the most random part of the,teaser where apparently there’s a,Tupperware party going on but some,reason hosted by the minions with some,real human and then soon afterwards in,the real movie we see the vicious 6,crash in maybe it’s a red herring,location that grew just set up to,redirect the vicious six but it does,spout that same old cliche joke again,don’t you just love quality comedy hey I,wonder what the Internet’s reaction to,these movies are oh comments are,turned off well isn’t that a shame,good job every movie has like Ted,reuploads on the site the two ton of,comments are either middle-aged moms or,meme lords and it’s pretty standard,YouTube stuff you know that teaser,movie still has some new stuff to,touch on that the original didn’t even,come near – as we’ve now basically,exhausted the main movie for example,there’s a whole hippie faction to,consider – in this film here’s Kevin,Stuart and Bob getting beaten up in a,Chinatown alleyway and really that’s,what we’re all here for here’s the boss,ripping chest hair out of one of the,goons and a whole nother hippie type,doing yoga with Drew’s mum there’s also,a plain sequence mixed in there,somewhere I don’t know where they come,from or where they’re going but here’s,Kevin and Stewart as pilots and Bob as,an air hostess his Auto on his own third,adventure then or as he’s stuck to Groo,is their three pathways either way is,Bob with a peanut there’s a perfect way,to wrap up this whole movie isn’t it,just interrupt yourself with Bob and a,peanut and somehow all of these separate,pieces all fly in together to make one,new minion movie I can’t exactly put it,all in order like I was hoping to just,yet but these films are pretty,nonsensical anyway with their antics so,who can guess anything really there is a,lot to unpack everywhere really there’s,still those surface-level jokes and,cliche moments that impress absolutely,nobody in the crowd there’s room for,improvement with GRU being around and,Otto having his own plot line and this,world is admittedly still quite fun I,just like the crazy characters in these,movies sometimes and I just hope it,doesn’t become a cluttered mess with all,of these elements now you haven’t even,seen wild knuckles again whatever he is,supposed to be doing either way I hope,it’s not too jumbled up cuz I’ll be,forced to watch it one way or another a,minion sequel makes all of us groan but,a despicable Me prequel might not be the,worst thing in the world I guess we’ll,just have to see cuz we can’t exactly,avoid them making loud noises in our,faces,I personally am gonna try and look into,this with a bit of a positive attitude,perhaps as more movies come out I’ll,be even less excited for each individual,one and there are still those cliche,jokes but there is genuinely room for,depth there’s nothing in the movie,that I absolutely hate yet I like those,kind of secret evil villain type,openings even from the first film and,this one too as much as it doesn’t mean,anything in Reverse and I am slightly,interested to see how GRU is as a,youngling character and how everything,expands into different direction I don’t,know I just want to I don’t want to say,that I mean I was excited or I’m a big,fan of this franchise but it’s not a,complete fiery mess below,terrible right now it’s just in a weird,limbo sometimes there’s a genuinely,interesting idea that could be explored,in a new way and then sometimes there’s,a tennis ball that showed up like poop,sometimes there’s a Tupperware party and,I want to know where that goes,other times I’m gonna be forced to look,at this damn vicious 6-under we’re seen,way too many times over the next few,months,either way apparently minions the rise,of drew which by the way doesn’t,actually have a to in the title release,is on the 3rd of July 2020 so we’ve got,a solid five months of movies and,super eager waiting and I’m sure none of,us can hold on to the patience on that,one until we finally have this comedy,animation hitting our big screens,illumination may not have the greatest,reputation but they know how to make,films that make money and maybe they,could make a good film at the same time,they’ve done it a couple times before,we’ll see I’m gonna see it I’m gonna,review it on this channel at some point,when it does come out but otherwise do,let me know your thoughts on the trade,you really just expect this to be a,fiery mini heap trash of terrible oh,maybe you have a little bit of optimism,in you maybe it’s more despicable me,than it is minions I’d like to know your,thoughts because I might be the only one,my name’s Ben – you didn’t really care,and I’ll see you in a bit,with all this chat about GRU being tiny,in the movie what do you think the,odds are the ending will be that GRU has,a very sudden growth spurt at the end of,this all maybe it’s too easy a joke or,just not formattable for another minion,movie but you know maybe he just sort of,oops,we’ll see at least the memes will be good.


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