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Godzilla vs. Kong

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In a time when monsters walk the Earth, humanity’s fight for its future sets Godzilla and Kong on a collision course that will see the two most powerful forces of nature on the planet clash in a spectacular battle for the ages. As Monarch embarks on a perilous mission into uncharted terrain and unearths clues to the Titans’ origins, a human conspiracy threatens to wipe the creatures, both good and bad, from the face of the earth forever.

Since the release of Godzilla in 2014 we,have been in the works of seeing a,monster verse being formed it was,quickly followed by Kong Skull Island in,2017 and then most recently Godzilla,king of the monsters in 2019 this trend,of creating these monster movies and the,collaborations therein isn’t going away,anytime soon as we have for a while been,anticipating Kong vs. Godzilla and,although we have been on this five-year,path where we have planned the movie,shot the movie reshot the movie,postponed the movie we have finally,gotten our first reviews of the movie,and what we should expect so we’re gonna,go over that review and talk a little,bit about Godzilla versus Kong and the,monster verse as a whole hey everybody,how’s it going welcome back again to monster verse is an idea that a lot of,people are very very excited about and,with test screenings having begun it is,being received pretty well one of the,new reactions to the test screen has,even gone as far as calling this movie,the best monster verse movie yet and,from one of the test screenings in a,Twitter review from viewer anon there is,the praise for God’s olive vs Kong that,says I’m not gonna spoil the film,suffice it to say Godzilla vs the best,in the modern monster verse and,blissfully runs less than two hours so,although this movie has been plagued by,poor performances from Godzilla king of,the monsters and with delays and,reshoots pushing the movie back there is,a lot of hype around the people who have,seen it there are a lot of good things,being said and definitely cause for a,lot of excitement for this next step in,the monster burst movies we know that,they have a lot of ideas in a lot of,plans on the table right now including a,Mothra movie in a lot more and it will,be very exciting to see depending how,these movies play out the collaboration,therein of these modern-day,monster movies that will conform this,monster verse so to speak and that idea,is a lot of fun we love getting these,movies that intertwine and connect each,one to the story and then,what happens in one movie affects the,next and that’s what we’re doing with,like we’ve called it this modern-day,monster verse as far as the plot is,concerned the film will focus on human,conspiracy and add a little bit of a,backstory to monster verse tie-ins a lot,of people had a hard time following that,movie because there was just a lot,thrown into it so the story of Godzilla,vs. Kong is not the biggest priority for,fans though it will tied together,everything and kind of start us off on,this big push of the monster verse the,first Godzilla that came out didn’t,really have anything to do with Kong,Skull Island,and although Godzilla king of the,monsters did have a direct correlation,with the previously released Godzilla,they did leave a lot in there for us to,try to figure out including the,introduction of multiple different,monsters or as they refer to them Titans,so now that we’re gonna be tying,together Kong and Godzilla getting a,little bit of a backstory as they’ve,explained it and then pushing forward,with this monster verse it’s an,extremely exciting prospect to think,that all of these things could finally,be tied down and explained and then we,can go off and get individual movies,potentially for each of these monsters,or Titans that they showed us that idea,followed by the very high comments and,criticisms coming from the test,screenings that they have already put,out gives us a lot of hope that the,monster verse is finally on the right,track through all the postponing and the,delays the movie is finally set to,release November 20th 2020 and that will,give the team more than enough time to,get the movies together to get the,hype moving and to reset the direction,of this movie exactly the way they seem,to have done and to put it on the right,path to kick start yet again this,monster verse that they are currently,creating but guys of course let me know,what you think are you excited for the,monster vs. it’s something you have any,interest in at all of course are you,excited for Kong vs. Godzilla let me,know in the comments down below again,thank you so much for watching until the,end of the video if you enjoyed it be,sure to hit that like button and,subscribe as we’ll be covering the,monster verse and other huge cinematic.


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