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Ghostbusters: Afterlife

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When a single mom and her two kids arrive in a small town, they begin to discover their connection to the original ghostbusters and the secret legacy their grandfather left behind. new Ghostbusters but I’m not gifted this,one caught me off guard I had no idea,this was coming out I think I heard,about it but I didn’t expect a movie,today anyhow so yeah we have a movie,our first movie – Ghostbusters,afterlife which is essentially,Ghostbusters 3 so yeah Finn wolfhard,plays Egon Spengler grandson it does,make that from stranger things it makes,it a bit funnier and they’re out in the,middle of nowhere in this creepy farm,and there’s a seismic activity and you,know it’s gonna be ghost activity and so,these kids basically become ghostbusters,which there’s a couple things about that,that I like first of all it’s not just a,rehash of Ghostbusters it’s not like all,right now you’re the new Ghostbusters,but it’s the same basic plot as,Ghostbusters it just feels like a,retread in which case people will be,like oh it’s like the old one but not as,good as the old one it’s easier to,compare the two this looks like a new,thing it looks like it’s it’s a kid,adventure it’s like Goonies with,ghostbusters so now they’re free of that,it’s not really like ghostbusters it’s,like a continuing chapter in the,Ghostbusters universe one could,logically call it ghostbusters 3 so,knowing that that’s the thing I like in,the original Ghostbusters that I’m not,gonna get in ghostbusters afterlife I,like the fact these guys are busting,ghosts not in the middle of nowhere but,now downtown Manhattan this definitely,is like alright yeah it was we’re in the,middle of Roanoke where we are they’re,in the middle of this farm it’s like,Annabelle but with ghostbusters so this,actually could have some neat play on,that genre you know the genre of haunted,houses in the middle of nowhere on farms,and jason reitman wrote and directed,this movie jason reitman is the son of,Ivan Reitman I have been writing as the,director of ghostbusters and that,doesn’t automatically make for success,just because you share a bloodline,doesn’t mean you’re gonna do it well and,jason reitman ‘he’s done great work in,his filmography absolutely I’m just,saying there’s no guarantee but seeing,this movie you do feel like there is a,sense of respect and love for the legacy,of ghostbusters I am confused as to how,no one knew what happened in Manhattan I,get it it’s free internet free social,media but there’s a lot of stuff,pre-internet priests social media that,finds its way on to social media,I’m sure the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man,would have found his way on YouTube by,now same with the Statue of Liberty,walking through New York you know that’s,there are questions questions that I,don’t think they’re gonna answer I’m not,counting on them answering just things I,have in my head then we go okay whatever,just watch the movie I’m gonna say it,and I mean this in a good way I mean,this has a compliment cuz this phrase is,either used as an insult or a compliment,I mean it is,the movie by this movie kind of looks,like a fan fell again I mean it in a,good way because we’ve seen those fan,films you’ve seen them you know like,those fan films that you can tell are,made by a fan with passion it doesn’t,feel like studio it feels like,a fan who loves the property who wants,to see a great take on that property you,walk away going yeah they do it better,than the studio’s do that’s what this,movie looks like it looks like just a,fan who wanted to see the continuation,of ghostbusters and then here we are,here’s a new chapter thirty years later,I feel like that’s probably actually,pretty close to how Jason Reitman,streeting not a stretch to say he’s,probably a fan of his dad’s work and,will respect the legacy I feel bad for,all the kids in this movie you know cuz,I’m sure they were just like oh sweet I,want to be in a Ghostbusters movie and I,am very sure they’re gonna be stuck in,some sort of weird Twitter culture war,somehow while Twitter burns to the,ground over it there’s gonna be like,you’ve already seen a couple people,pissed off about it because I guess it’s,sexist to do this after the 2016 coast,Busters that I just don’t think it’s,sexist to go a different direction when,you’re 2016 reboot failed to impress,going where the money is and staying,away from where the money is not and,leaving something when you find out it’s,not gonna make you money it just sounds,like a reasonable business decision,making anyhow that’s my rant on it keep,the kids out of it I’m sorry so yeah,this movie really impressed me like,when I found out hey I’m about to watch,a new movie to a new Ghostbusters,movie it’s like you kind of think you,know where it’s gonna go and didn’t,really go that direction it’s a,different thing for Ghostbusters that,they’re doing Goonies meets ghostbusters,could be pretty cool time will tell I,saw the first movie – Ghostbusters,afterlife is actually a pretty sweet,title – it just encompasses the whole,concept anyhow did you see it whatever,you thought comment below let me know,and as always if you like what you’ve,seen here and you want to see more click,right here to see more,[Music],you,[Music]


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