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Black Widow

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Natasha Romanoff, also known as Black Widow, confronts the darker parts of her ledger when a dangerous conspiracy with ties to her past arises. Pursued by a force that will stop at nothing to bring her down, Natasha must deal with her history as a spy and the broken relationships left in her wake long before she became an Avenger. first Black Widow movie takes deep,dive into the super spies history and,it’s full of plenty of new faces so let,us fill you in on who’s who in Black,Widow let’s start with Black Widow,herself Natasha Romanov played by,Scarlett Johansson last time we saw her,she was dead in Avengers in game but,she’s still dead and this movie actually,takes place in the past when that went,on the run after the events of Captain,America’s Civil War the story sees her,return to Russia to deal with some,unfinished business which is where she,bumps into this character Yelena played,by Florence Pugh in the comics Yelena,was also trained in the Red Room to take,on the Black Widow mantle she has the,same training as Natasha which is how,she’s able to mirror her every move but,that doesn’t stop her from considering,herself the superior super spy if she,survives the events of this movie it,wouldn’t be a surprise to see her take,over Nats role on the next Avengers team,and of course we have red Guardian aka,Alexei szostak ah’ve played by David,Harbor although the Internet has,nicknamed him Captain Russia it is apt,for describing his origins in the comics,Alexei was an accomplished pilot chosen,for the KGB zone super soldier program,to go up against Captain America during,the Cold War his suit also features a,star on his chest that he can throw at,attackers and return to him with a,magnetic gadget kind of like what cap,used in age of Ultron side note he also,happened to be married to Natasha,yeah that’s right this is the type of,secret stuff you learn about spies when,you dig deep but in order to train him,and to get in Tasha to pledge loyalty to,the secret life of spies the KGB faked,Alexie’s death rounding out the group is,a milena Vostok off aka Iron Maiden,played by Rachel vice though she seems,chummy with NAT in the movie in the,comics milena is a straight-up villain,she was a Russian agent who was forced,to live in a shadow of Black Widow,fostering all sorts of jealousy and,hatred she later went off on her own to,lead a prosperous life in freelance,assassinating and mercenary in she wears,a suit made out of flexible metal that,isn’t unlike Black Panthers vibranium,suit that absorbs energy and protects,her from damage so keep your eye on her,because our Black Widow sense says a,sudden but inevitable betrayal is Emma,but of course what is a family reunion,without a little fighting taskmaster is,black widows big bad and will be quite,the match literally for her and her team,the comics taskmaster is a mercenary,with the uncanny ability to mimic his,opponents fighting styles so given that,we see him using both a bow and arrow,and a shield he may have copied the,fighting styles of both Hawkeye and,Captain America we don’t see any clips,of Rick Mason black widows shield Ally,and potential love interest so we’ll,just have to live on that SNL sketch for,now and that’s the who’s who of comic,book characters in the black widow,movie for more on upcoming movies,check out that Black Widow movie and,the latest one for Star Wars the rise of,Skywalker.


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